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Experience the Future of Riding: Nexusrider TrailBlazer Electric Bike Review

Experience the Future of Riding: Nexusrider TrailBlazer Electric Bike Review

Unleash Power: 2000W Dual Motor Marvel

Discover the Nexusrider TrailBlazer, an electric bike redefining adventure with its 2000W dual-motor system. Soar at 35MPH, embracing the thrill of a powerful ride blending speed and precision.

Endurance Redefined: Advanced Lithium Battery

Embark on extended journeys with the TrailBlazer's 48V 22.4AH lithium battery. Weather-resistant and quick-charging, this powerhouse delivers up to 2000 charging cycles, ensuring reliability for every ride.

Dominate Any Terrain: 26-inch All-Terrain Wonder

Conquer diverse landscapes on the 26-inch fat tires with front suspension. From city streets to rugged paths, snowy suburbs to sandy beaches, the TrailBlazer ensures a smooth and reliable journey.

Smart Connectivity: LCD Display Intelligence

Stay informed with the smart LCD display, offering real-time data on speed, distance, and battery status. Choose from 5-speed modes for a personalized riding experience, blending technology with adventure.

Tailor Your Ride: 3 Riding Modes & Shimano 21-Speed

Customize your journey with electric-only, human-only, or pedal assist modes. The Shimano 21-speed system adds versatility, ensuring an enjoyable ride in any setting. Safety is paramount with double disc brakes and a robust lighting system.

Ultimate Comfort: Full Suspension Luxury

Prioritize comfort with the TrailBlazer's lockable aluminum front suspension fork, providing 100mm of travel. Coupled with rear suspension, it absorbs shocks, offering a smooth and comfortable ride.

Assurance and Additions: Good Service & Warranty

Benefit from a worry-free experience with included accessories like shelf, fender, lock, pump, and controller bag. Our 12-month warranty covers battery, charger, motor, and controller, with a 24-hour quick response for ultimate peace of mind.

Beyond the Ordinary: Upgrades Galore

Invisible Strength: Hidden Controller Upgrade

The TrailBlazer conceals its controller within the frame, fortifying it against rain and moisture, ensuring enhanced durability and reliability.

Dual Control Mastery: Front Motor Switch

Empower your ride with an additional switch, effortlessly controlling the front motor. Seamlessly switch between dual and single motor modes, adding adaptability to your journey.

Aesthetic Excellence: Streamlined Design

The TrailBlazer showcases a sleek design with concealed wiring, elevating its aesthetic appeal. Attention to detail extends to front fork enhancements, preventing wire entanglement, and an improved seat for maximum comfort.

Experience the evolution with the Nexusrider TrailBlazer – a fusion of power, technology, and style. Elevate your riding adventures to unprecedented heights!