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SMLRO V3 PLUS Dual Motors Electric Bike | 2000W 48V 22.4AH | Hydralic Disc Brake | Green

$1,699.00 USD
Type: Ebike
Color - Silver Orange
In stock - 50 in stock, ready to ship
  • Dear customers,this color green you have selected is a custom option and will be shipped directly from China. If you decide to proceed with your order, we kindly ask for your patience during the shipping process. The estimated delivery time for this customized item is approximately 45-60 days.

  • Dear customer, V3 PLUS in black with logo can only be shipped from China, but our overseas warehouse has black without logo. If you don’t mind the black V3 PLUS without logo, please place an order in black directly. If you need black withlogo,  we will ship it to you from China, thank you.

  • 2000W Dual Motor Powerful Ebike: 1000W brushless front motor and 1000W rear motor for a total of 2000W. 48v 22.4 mAh removable battery, in pure electric mode, 2000W high-speed brushless Shimano 21-speed gear motor can help you ride easily, the maximum speed can reach 31MPH. The electric bicycle can reach 35mph when idling.
  • High-performance Lithium Battery: Our electric bike equipped with 48V 22.4AH detachable lithium battery, Easy to carry and easy to disassemble. It is designed with waterproof package. The battery can be charged directly or it can be removed for charging. Charging time: about 4-6 hours, 2000 cycles of charging.
  • 26-inch Fat Tires: With 4-inch wide puncture-resistant fat tires and front suspension, the Accinouter Smlro can take you nearly limitless places: around downtown, rocky roads, sandy beaches, snowy suburbs, country lanes, or even the urban jungle.
  • Smart Digital LCD Display: The Mileage 5-speed LCD display computer gives you a better idea of your speed per hour and the total distance you've ridden as well as your bike's remaining battery power. 5-speed mode has more options than normal mode.
  • Superior Performance in 3 Riding Modes - electric only mode (40-50km battery range); human-only mode; pedal assist mode (60-90km battery range); customize your ride with 3 riding modes and Shimano 21 speed Riding performance, you can enjoy riding in every mode. Perfect double disc brakes and lighting system fully protect your safety.
  • Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike: The lockable aluminum front suspension fork offers a bump-absorbing 100mm of travel. Plus rear suspension to absorb external shock, SMLRO e-bikes can effectively protect your knees, ankles and lower back and offer you more comfortable riding experience on different roads
  • Good Service& Warranty: Our Ebike comes with shelf + fender + lock + pump + controller bag. With a 12 months warranty for battery, charger, motor and controller. 24 hours Quickly Response.
  • 【UPGRADE】:Electric bike upgrades are based on buyers' feedback and experience! We have upgraded the headlights of electric bicycles and upgraded the color screen instruments!

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30-Day Return & Refund Policy

30-Day Return Policy:

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  • Keep the original packaging and eBike for 30 days for possible returns.
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  • Additional repair fees may apply for significant damage found upon inspection.


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  • For non-quality-related returns, the buyer must cover return shipping costs.
  • Once the return application is successful, we will charge a restocking fee according to the situation.


The following are the restocking fee standards: 
    Restocking Fee Different Situations
      5%  - Uninstalled, in brand new condition
    10% - Installed but not ridden
    15% - Ridden but without significant scratches
    20%  - Ridden with minor scratches
    50% - Ridden, repaired, with substantial damage or heavy scratches


    Please inspect your order upon receipt. If you find that the item is defective, damaged, or incorrect, please contact us immediately at support@smlrobicycle.com. To help us evaluate the issue, please provide videos and pictures and keep the original packaging. If it is determined that the products are broken, we will provide replacement or return at no cost in 30-day Return Policy.

    Once your return is accepted, we will provide you with a return shipping label and detailed instructions on how and where to send your package. Please note that we do not accept items returned without prior approval.


    Damages and Issues:

    Upon receiving your eBike, please inspect it for any visible damage or defects. If you encounter any issues, follow these steps:


    1. Contact Us: Notify our Customer Support Team at [support@smlrobicycle.com] immediately if your eBike arrives damaged, defective, or with any issues.And please keep the original packaging and Ebike for 30 days for possible returns.
    2. Provide Details:Please provide detailed information about the problem, and if possible, include photographs. This will assist us in quickly addressing the matter.
    3. Resolution:We will work to resolve the issue, which may include:
    • Replacing damaged or defective parts.
    • Arranging repairs by authorized technicians.
    • Replacing the entire eBike if necessary.
    1. Timely Reporting:Report damages or issues within [30] days of receiving your eBike for efficient resolution.
    2. Warranty Coverage: Some issues may be covered by the manufacturer's warranty, and we will assist you in processing warranty claims.
    3. Customer Responsibility:Please refrain from attempting unauthorized repairs or modifications. Keep original packaging and documentation for potential resolution needs.


    Exceptions / Non-Returnable Items:
    1. Normal Wear and Tear: Regular wear and tear, such as minor scuffs or scratches, that occur through normal use during the warranty period are generally not covered for return.
    2. Damage Due to Misuse: Any damage to the eBike resulting from misuse, abuse, neglect, or accidents may not be eligible for warranty returns.
    3. Unauthorized Modifications: If you make unauthorized modifications or alterations to the eBike, it may void the warranty, making any resulting issues non-returnable.
    4. Failure to Follow Maintenance Guidelines: Failure to adhere to recommended maintenance and care guidelines provided in the manufacturer's manual can lead to non-returnable warranty claims.
    5. Exceeding Weight Limits: If the eBike is used by individuals whose weight exceeds the manufacturer's specified weight limit, any damage or issues arising from this may not be covered.
    6. Environmental Factors: Damage caused by exposure to extreme weather conditions, water, or other environmental factors may not be eligible for warranty returns.
    7. Improper Storage:If the eBike is not stored according to the manufacturer's recommendations and incurs damage as a result, it may not be returnable under warranty.
    8. Battery Degradation:Over time, lithium-ion batteries in eBikes naturally experience some capacity loss. Unless the battery falls below a certain threshold specified in the warranty, this gradual degradation is typically not covered.
    9. Non-OEM Components: Using non-original equipment manufacturer (OEM) components or accessories that are not approved by the manufacturer can lead to non-returnable warranty claims.
    10. Expired Warranty:Attempting to return the eBike for warranty service after the warranty period has expired will usually result in a non-returnable claim.
    11. Gift Cards:Please note that we do not accept returns for the gift cards.




    If you wish to exchange an item, the quickest way to ensure you get the desired product is to return the original item once your return is accepted. Afterward, you can make a separate purchase for the new item.


    Replacement Ineligibility:
    1. Customized eBikes: Any eBike that has been custom-built or modified to your specific requirements or preferences may not be eligible for replacement. We advise customers to carefully consider their customizations before proceeding.
    2. Used eBike Batteries: Once an eBike battery has been used or installed, it is typically considered non-replaceable due to safety and regulatory reasons. It is crucial to handle and maintain eBike batteries with care.
    3. Damaged or Altered Frames: eBike frames that have been visibly damaged or altered may not be accepted for replacements. Such alterations can compromise the safety and structural integrity of the eBike.
    4. Consumable Parts: Parts categorized as consumable, such as brake pads, tires, tubes, and chains, are often non-replaceable once they have been used or installed. Regular maintenance of these parts is recommended.
    5. Software and Firmware: eBike software or firmware updates, once downloaded or installed, are typically non-replaceable due to their digital nature. Ensure that software updates are compatible with your eBike before installation.
    6. Hazardous Materials: Any eBike accessories or components containing hazardous materials, such as certain types of lithium-ion batteries or chemicals, may not be replaceable. Handling these materials safely is essential.
    7. Damaged or Soiled Seats and Cushions: Seats and cushions that exhibit visible damage or signs of use, including stains or soiling, may not be eligible for replacement. Proper care is essential to maintain their condition.
    8. Personalized Accessories: Accessories or add-ons that have been personalized or custom-engraved with specific names, logos, or designs may not be replaceable. Please review customizations carefully before ordering.
    9. Scratched or Damaged Paintwork: eBikes with significant scratches or paint damage, affecting their aesthetics, may be non-replaceable. Take care to protect the finish of your eBike.
    10. Missing Components: If essential components or parts of the eBike are missing or have been removed, replacement may not be possible unless those components are replaced. It is essential to retain all original components.




    We aim for your complete satisfaction with your eBike purchase. If you need a refund, please follow our refund policy:


    Requirements for Full Refund:

    • Please note that if a purchase has been made on our website and the item has not yet been shipped, you can contact our customer service [support@smlrobicycle.com] for a full refund. In such cases, we will not charge a restocking fee.


    Requirements for Partial Refund:

    • Customized or personalized items cannot be returned for a return & refund.
    • Please note that in cases where returns are initiated after receiving the item, accurate pictures or videos depicting the current condition of the product must be provided. If the product is found to have more significant damage upon inspection, additional repair fees may be applied.
    • In instances of returns initiated after receiving the item, a restocking fee will be assessed based on the product's current condition.
    • The following are the  restocking fee charging standards: 
    Restocking Fee Different Situations
      5%  - Uninstalled, in brand new condition
    10% - Installed but not ridden
    15% - Ridden but without significant scratches
    20%  - Ridden with minor scratches
    50% - Ridden, repaired, with substantial damage or heavy scratches



      How to Request a Refund:

      • Contact our Customer Support Team at [support@smlrobicycle.com] with your order number and a brief explanation of the reason for the refund.


      Return Shipping:

      • You are responsible for return shipping costs.
      • We recommend using trackable and insured shipping methods.


      Refund Process:

      • After inspecting the returned eBike, we'll notify you of the refund status.
      • If approved, the refund will be processed to your original payment method.If you require a refund to be issued to an account other than the original payment method, please promptly communicate this request to us. We will work with you to update the refund account information accordingly.
      • Keep in mind that it may take some time for your bank or credit card company to process and post the refund.


      Non-Refundable Items:

      • We do not offer refunds for customized eBikes, used eBike batteries, consumable parts, software or firmware updates, hazardous materials, or damaged/altered items.


      Questions and Assistance:

      • Contact our Customer Support Team [support@smlrobicycle.com] for any refund & return - related questions or assistance.



      V3 Plus Dual Motor Electric Mountain Bike

      Experience the ultimate thrill with our V3 Plus Dual Motor Electric Mountain Bike – 2000W power, 35MPH max speed, and 48V 22.4AH removable battery for endless adventures!

      Key Features

      You'll Love

      When SMLRO Riders brag about their new bikes, these are the features they're talking about.

      1000W Dual Motors

      • Two 1000W high speed geared brushless hub motors
      • Provides more torque and power, you can easily handle most of the hills
      • Speed up to 35mph

      Removable Battery

      • Big capacity - 48V 22.4AH lithium battery
      • Long Range - Up to 60 Miles in PAS mode
      • Lockable - With keys to lock the battery, can be charged on or off the bike
      • Waterproof - IP65, can be used in rainy days

      Full Suspension

      • Aluminum alloy suspension fornt fork
      • Rear shock-absorber
      • Make your riding more comfortable
      • Less stress on your knees and lower back

      26 X4.0 Fat tires

      • Has more surface area contacted with the ground than common tires, providing better traction and smoother riding experience
      • Suitable for all terrains - snow, beach, mounatin, city roads...
      • Bright LED front light makes night riding much safer and more enjoyable

      7 Speed Gears

      • Customize your ride performance with professional 7-Speed gears. A wide range of gearing at your disposal mean more torque for treacherous uphill climb and maintain pedal authority at top speed

      Hydraulic Disc Brakes

      • Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes with motor cutoff capability, possesse a stronger and more sensitive braking effect, ensures your safety during riding

      Mobile Phone Holder

      • Mobile phone holder with a USB port allows you to charge and use your phone safely while riding without worrying about running out of power

      Smart LCD Display

      • Clearly shows all of the important information such as speed, battery indicator, pedal assist level, distance

      Removable lithium battery

      Convenient for you to remove and charge at any time.

      Kilometers to Miles

      Kilometers are converted into miles, which is convenient for your identification


      Experience the excitement and versatility of e-bikes in our captivating Ebike Highlight Reel.

      Technical Specifications

      Installation Tutorial

      Discover the magic of easy installation – click to watch and ride with confidence!

      V3 PLUS 2000W Ebike Installation Tutorial

      Step-by-Step Guide

      Product FAQ

      Q1: What brand of tires? Is the quality reliable?

      The Chaoyang tires we use are of very good quality, you can rest assured.

      Q2: How tall and heavy is it suitable for riding?

      150-180KG(331-397lb), 165-195CM ( 65-77inch )

      Q3: What is the V3 plus battery capacity?

      48V 22.4Ah

      Q4: Where to buy an extra battery or other accessories?

      We also sell batteries and other accessories in our store.

      Q5: How much is the installation part done? How many parts do you need to assemble after you get it?

      Our hybrid e-bike has been preinstalled 85%, only some simple parts be left for you to enjoy hands-on fun.

      Q6: How long is the after-sale guarantee?

      1-year warranty for battery, charger, motor and controller. If you run into any trouble with our bikes, pls contact us, we’ll reply your message within 24 hours. Pls keep the original bike box for 30 days for possible returns.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 1 review
      Very cool product and good service

      This electric-assist bike is very powerful because it has two-wheel drive. When pushed by hand, it has enough power to climb stairs. Top speed is around 45km/h, so that's all you need. The battery has a driving range of approximately more than 20 kilometers on undulating mountainous routes and high-speed cruising. The wide tires offer little slip on trimmed ground. A product that makes forest road trips more enjoyable. The seller is honest and friendly. They sent it immediately. Thanks. very happy.